Digital Solutions

Who uses the Internet? Oh, wait a minute …

Think digital as a network of networks: a network of aggregators, filters, curators; a network of knowledge and information; a network that expands every day- a network in which you want your brand to be welcomed, engaged and loved.

This network has rapidly become the baseline of communication. And, as networks grow, we grow with it, developing a new set of abilities to deliver useful services and relevant interactions:

  • we analyze your brand visibility and digital ecosystem;
  • we propose optimal strategic and creative solutions incorporating online, mobile, social media and digital outdoor advertising channels;
  • we constantly adopt new technologies in our projects and recommend them to your brands;
  • we design and implement digital products.

We talk tech:

  • we possess highly skilled experts in HTML5 and CSS3 (we enjoy using Bootstrap as a base for our frontend development);
  • we develop our web projects mainly for PHP using Codeigniter, Laravel or Symfony as frameworks and we absolutely love Javascript (we are pretty handy with Node.js and AngularJS as well);
  • we develop native apps for iOS and Android (both phone and tablet);
  • we handy with Flash, Flex and provide Air development.