Centrade Cheil Adriatic in Zagreb place its new office within clouds

As of May 2017, Centrade Cheil Adriatic office in Zagreb is on new location within the high-rise office building of Zagrepčanka.

This contemporary building is constructed in 1970’s by architects Slavko Jelinek and Berislav Vinkovic, who drew their inspiration from the Thyssen-Haus building in Düsseldorf, Germany, and it will serve as permanent location of Centrade Cheil Adriatic in Croatia.

Just like in Belgrade, time has come for us to move to a new office space in Zagreb, which would be bigger, wider and contemporary. That is why we have selected Zagrepčanka building as its truly reflects mid-century architecture, with usage of marble, concrete and glass windows. Placed on 15th floor, with more space and with a skyview of Zagreb, we tend to bring ideas to ground from 109 meters of height.

As of May we have moved to our new home in Zagreb. Now we need to build it more, add our own style, to grow it and to host a grand opening party.

More than 170 of us have much to celebrate – welcome our new office in Zagreb!