Centrade Cheil Adriatic moves to new office in Belgrade

Since 2011 our advertising agency was growing, building more services, more clients and more people. Our existing office space became too small for us, while we also needed an inspirational environment in order to spread creativity within our services. Time has come for us to move to a new office space, which would be bigger, wider and original.

We found such in Belgrade at Bulevar oslobođenja street. A mid-century villa, with its façade which reflects contemporary architecture, with usage of marble, concrete, large glass windows and stones. Interior of villa is constructed in white and open space, with large windows to provide sunlight entrance. We placed a glass cube in our yard as a meeting room, right beneath the trees. If our services are creative, our office space needs to be as well.

As of April we have moved to our new home. Hard work is still ahead of us, where we want to polish every single detail, upon which we shall organize a grand opening event. We love details and aim towards precision and perfection.

Now there are more than 170 of us across Adriatic region. And we aim to grow more. After 6 years, we have finally crafted perfect place for our business, our partners, our clients, us.